The End of Twinkies

By now, I’m sure most of us have learned about the tragedy coming to Hostess. Following a labor strike, it appears that Hostess will have to shut down its business, ending years and years of memories and cream-filled snacks. Most Americans are sprinting to the grocery stores to fill their grocery carts with the dessert snacks. Others are showing their affection in different ways: through Twitter.

I will admit, when I first heard the news, I went to the nearest Giant Eagle grocery store on Saturday night to buy a Twinkie. When I arrived, I saw a sad little Hostess section of the store with only slim pickings left. In their place, a sign hung that read, “Available while supplies last.” It didn’t seem real until I read that sign. I knew I would survive this upsetting news, but how were others taking it?

I checked out “Yahoo! News” and saw a news article about the Twitter response. Some of my favorites from the news story included:





Not only was the Twitter world a wreck, but an 11-year-old boy also posted a video on YouTube mourning the snack:

While the tragedy of Hostess slowly fades away, at least we will always have social media to commemorate the company. I’m sure Twinkies and Ho-Ho’s will appear on Ebay at very high prices and we will all be able to buy our last few snacks. More YouTube videos will appear in memory of the products, and Twitter feeds will be talking about the news until another tragedy occurs soon. Until then, lets all go buy some Twinkies!


Live Event Tweeting!

Hey friends!

On Tuesday, during my regularly scheduled Marketing Class, my professor held an event speaker to come talk with our class. His name was John Millen and he worked for Reputation Group, a PR and Marketing agency.

Millen has an amazing background! He was born and raised in the projects. Early in his life, he was able to move to California with his mother to be near his aunt and ended up attending high school there. He loved school, but never considered college. While he was in high school, he decided to take a Journalism class for fun. He turned in the first excitement, and was incredibly excited to see that he received an A+ on the assignment. That was his first A+. The teacher then asked him where he was applying to college. When he abruptly said he was not going to college, the teacher corrected him and said, “yes, you are going to college.”

Sure enough, Millen went to college and began to study Marketing and Public Relations. He ended up working at Procter and Gamble to gain experience. He “partners with clients to build and protect brands and reputations–for their organizations and themselves.” – Reputation Group Webpage.

Millen spoke to us about how our reputation really does matter. You want to be able to sell yourself to a company, and it is okay to be a little self confident. He spent a lot of time talking about Social Media and how the internet is FOREVER. Hard to believe, right? He was pulling up pictures of students that are currently job hunting that are very embarrassing. He was showing us how important it is to watch what you put on the media.

He also opened up the Tweet experience by mentioning a hashtag he wanted us to tweet about : #osubrandyou. This was awesome, because it showed he was interested in students reactions and replies to his lecture.

We also did a cool game with a few students in the class. He had us write down three words to best describe ourselves and asked for a volunteer to share. A man named David came onto the stage. Millen asked if anyone in the audience knew David, and a young woman said she did and was able to attest to his word choices. She would have described him with almost the same words. Then, he asked for a new volunteer who did not know David to come describe him in the three minutes that we knew David. To everyones shock, Millen chose Evan Ravenel, an Ohio State Basketball player. Evan got up on stage with David and very politely categorized David into different word categories, based on first impression. This exercise helped me realize how important first impressions are.

Overall, I was very pleased with the event and happy that our professor set it up for us. I may even see if Millen has any job listings available within his company. He had a very professional, yet laid back demeanor, and was very pleasing to listen to. He also seemed to really enjoy our class! I tweeted at Millen several times and quoted his lecture. I was pleased to see that he retweeted me and even replied to one of my tweets. During a live event, it was a bit harder to continuously tweet because I wanted to stay engaged in the lecture. However, I was able to get enough information with enough context that I would not confuse my followers. Image

The War in the Middle East is Expanding to Social Media War

As a college student, I tend to let the news slip away from me. I would love to sit on my couch and update myself on world news, but as a busy student, I rarely get that option. However, while scanning news stories the other day, I did read something that I found very interesting. I saw that Israel and Hamas have waged a “Social Media War.”

“What exactly does this mean,” I wondered. After doing a little research, I saw that both sides of the war have been sending tweets and posting things on YouTube and Facebook to sway public opinion about the incidents! They are actually using social media to gain attention! Although it is smart, the idea of it can be pretty scary.

From the newstory on “Yahoo! News,” I read this quote:

“A tweet from (at)idfspokesperson said: ‘We recommend that no Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead.'”

This has been blowing my mind. How can they be threatening each other over Twitter?

Several hashtags were created by Americans and Israelis together in support of Israel. Trending hastags included #IsraelUnderAttack.

While reading this article, I began to realize how important posting on Twitter really is and how widespread the tweets can be. As a college student, I still see Twitter as a fun, social media outlet where I can connect with friends and share funny accounts. However, I am now learning through my Communication classes and through the news that these accounts can surely take a turn for the worst, if you do not use them appropriately.

Trying my Hand at Advertising

In my Communications class, we were given the task of creating our own Advertisement. When I first received the project, I was terrified! I don’t have photo editing software on my computer, and I have absolutely no skills when it comes to graphic design. However, I had to complete the assignment, so I worked best with what I could!

The basis of the assignment was to create a print advertisement to enter into a contest. The contest was for the “Best New Ad” partnership. Students work on projects and enter into contests to gain design skills.

For our project, we had to make an advertisement for the “GIft of Hope” campaign. The “Gift of Hope” campaign will try to influence citizens to become organ donors. With a 30 second registration, it is very easy to become an organ donor. Not only is it easy, but it is the right thing to do.

I had several ideas of what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t think of how to make the graphics and designs. This project made me realize how much I need to invest in photo-editing and graphic design software. Instead, I only had Microsoft Word and my laptop. This was my finished result:


My main goal was to show other actions you can do in 30 seconds; however, none of them are as important as becoming an organ donor.

I learned to give more respect to graphic designers with this project! The advertisements that I saw with mine on the webpage were intricate, well-done pieces of artwork. I was very impressed with my peers’ work. Hopefully, with some practice and better software, I can someday become as talented as them!

“Got Milk” Ads

Everyone remembers the “Got Milk?” advertising campaign. I remember reading magazines as a young girl and seeing some of my favorite celebrities posing for these advertisements.Image

As I watched, I noticed these ads appeared everywhere! From buildings, to commercials, and of course all over magazines, I had noticed that this company had truly reached an incredibly large audience with a great message. However, I can honestly say that it did not push me to drink more milk.

My mother would always make me drink milk with breakfast and dinner, but since I grew up on the drink, I never argued. It was so engrained into my culture that a simple advertising campaign wouldn’t persuade me to drink it even more than I already did.

The campaign, however, did leave me thinking about the benefits of milk. I already knew it was a good thing to drink, but I suppose I never understood how important it actually was. They listed the benefits right on the advertisement. For some people who may not know the benefits, this was a good marketing strategy.

I also loved waiting to see which celebrity they would feature next! It was always so funny to see your favorite stars and athletes with a milk mustache on a billboard or magazine spread.

I believe the “Got Milk?” campaign was a fun campaign. It was very successful in that the company gained a very large audience by using celebrities. However, I do not believe several people changed their ideas about drinking the beverage.

Social Media Chat

Who knew I could chat with Twitter users on the east coast and the west coast simultaneously? Monday night, I participated in a Tweet Chat with users around the world (literally)! 

After checking out a list of different Tweet Chat topics, I settled on what sounded the most interesting to me. It was the #Socialchat Tweet chat! After reading the description, I learned that this chat occurs weekly. Each week, they discuss a different social media topic relevant to society. This week, the topic was how viewers used social media to discuss the 2012 VP Presidential Debate on Thursday.

The chat worked like this: the moderator posed questions, and we all answered them and/or commented on others’ answers. She asked 4 questions overall; however, other questions stemmed from users’ responses.

Upon joining the chat, I was received very warmly by the other users! They were a very newbie-friendly chat, and welcomed my input.


Although the questions all touched on the Vice Presidential debate, political opinion was kept out of the conversations. This kept the atmosphere very professional. I also felt more at ease knowing that all opinions were going to be kept to ourselves.

The moderator asked several questions about how social media impacted debate viewers’ opinions. After the debate, several social media outlets such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook had record postings and users. Many viewers posted humorous images or comments, while others were not afraid to say something controversial. The moderator asked several questions about whether or not we thought humor in social media swayed viewers opinions.

I found the hardest part about the TweetChat was the ability to tweet with content. I knew that, although I was involved in a chat, my normal Twitter followers were seeing these tweets on their feed. They may not know that I am involved in a chat, and therefore could become incredibly confused by my tweets. Although I tried to create content, I realize that my followers may still have gotten lost in translation!
My favorite part about the TweetChat was being retweeted or responded to. It made me feel as if I was actually a part of the group, which was awesome! Even though I did not have much to add, someone in the chat agreed with what I had said and made an effort to let me know. This type of feedback is important in the communications world, especially when we are all trying to become professionals someday. 
For example, when I mentioned that I found myself also using social media after the debate, I was responded to by another user.
Overall, I truly enjoyed the TweetChat. In fact, there were so many different chat options to chose from that I had a tough time choosing just one! I can honestly say that this is not the last time I will voluntarily take part in a TweetChat.
Until next time,

Cooking Blogs


As a beginner blogger, I have only begun to search around for exciting blogs to read. Naturally, I began with food!

One really cool blog I found is called 101 Cookbooks. It’s based on a woman named Heidi’s cooking, travel, and her favorite things to use in her dishes. I really recommend reading this if you love food! She has shown how she uses different spices and things I usually would not like in many recipes.

For someone like me, who is HORRIBLE at cooking, this is a great blog to read! She goes through step-by-step on how to create her meals. And with the 86 comments she’s received, I can tell she is loved by many.

After collecting over 100 cookbooks, she decided it was time to stop buying cookbooks, and start making the food! She wanted to show her audience her work along the way, and decided a blog was the best way to do it.

Another awesome tactic Heidi uses in her blogs are the pictures! The mouth-watering images attached to every entry is what makes me confident that I can create the same delicious entree. Unfortunately, I might need a bit more talent to create exactly what the picture is showing!

If anyone is looking for a great read, I recommend Heidi’s blog!